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West Vancouver New Listings For Houses For Sale

There are nine new listings for houses for sale in West Vancouver.  One is in Ambleside, three are in the British Properties, one is in Eagleridge, one is in Glenmore, one is in Upper Caulfeild and one is in West Bay.

5809 Marine Dr                           3 bedrooms          2,655 square feet             $2,498,000
5162 Alderfeild Pl                       4 bedrooms          2,950 square feet             $2,499,000
1521 Jefferson Ave                     3 bedrooms          2,059 square feet             $2,788,000
1195 Sutton Pl                            5 bedrooms          3,984 square feet             $2,980,000
567 St. Giles Rd                          3 bedrooms          1,532 square feet             $2,998,000
1351 Ottaburn Rd                       7 bedrooms          5,210 square feet             $3,080,000
436 Hadden Dr                            5 bedrooms          3,565 square feet             $3,398,888
3494 Marine Dr                            4 bedrooms          1,782 square feet             $3,995,000
980 Eyremount Dr                       5 bedrooms          4,196 square feet             $5,998,000

To view these homes or any other listings in West Vancouver, please call me at 604-787-9197.



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