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Barbecue Safety Tips You Should Know

September 19th, 2017


According to a recent study, the average homeowner pays more attention to kitchen stove safety than they do barbecue safety. But the fact is, a barbecue mishap can be just as devastating. So it pays to know the latest safety tips. 

  • Keep barbecues at least 8 feet away from your house.
  • Check for venture tube blockages regularly (spiders are notorious for spinning webs in there).
  • Clean t ...

3 Reasons To Talk To A Realtor Today

September 12th, 2017

 3 the number.png

You might naturally assume that it is most important to talk to a Realtor when you’re selling or buying a home. But there are many other circumstances in which it makes sense to give me a call. Here are a few examples. 

1. When you’re at the “thinking about it” stage 

If you’re just thinking about selling your home, and haven’t made a firm decision yet, you might feel uncomfortable calli ...

The Latest On West Vancouver Single Family Homes

September 6th, 2017

Mansion ii for blog

There are currently 484 single family homes for sale in West Vancouver, ranging in price from $798,000 for a 2-bedroom home situated on Passage Island to $23,580,000 for an 7-bedroom, 9,300 square foot mansion on a 1/3 acre estate in Whytecliff.

There have been 102 sales in the last 90 days, with the average sale price during that time coming in at $3,388,744 and the median sale price bein ...



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