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Home Renovations in West Vancouver's Ambleside

December 7th, 2006

So, you've decided to renovate your home.  What next?  According to Mike Holmes, host of HGTV's Holmes on Homes, "the single most important thing you can do to protect your home and your money, is slow down" (MoneySense Dec '06).  Take your time and consider the scope of your project.  After that you will want to decide which contractor is right for your job.  You want someone who is reliable ...


December 7th, 2006

Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.

- Homer

Assignment of Contract of Purchase and Sale

December 6th, 2006

I attended a very informative lecture this morning on the Assignment of Contract of Purchase and Sale.  It was given by Edward L. Wilson, of Lawson Lundell LLP.  A lot of people are delving into the real estate market these days through pre-sales and assignments and there is definitely some good money to be made.  But it's an absolute must to go in with your eyes wide open.  If you are consid ...

Ambleside Real Estate Update

December 5th, 2006

There are currently 32 detached homes available in the Ambleside area of West Vancouver, with prices ranging from $830,000. to $2,400,000.  So far there have been 6 confirmed sales from November.  Last year, there were 7 sales in November and 7 in December as well, so the activity levels are very similar today to what they were last year.

If you are considering putting your home on the marke ...

Home Security: What You Can Do

December 5th, 2006

 I attended the Vancouver Real Estate Tech Meetup Group tonight and was fortunate to hear a presentation on home security by Michael Jagger, president of Provident Security.  There are a couple of items I would like to point out now and I would encourage you to contact Michael for more information.  The first is that you will never be able to make it impossible for someone to burglarize your ...


December 4th, 2006

When I was young, I observed that nine out of every ten things I did were failures, so I did ten times the work.

- George Bernard Shaw

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