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North Shore Bridge Traffic

$800,000. was spent over the last 2 years on a technical study intending to come up with a solution to the frustrating approaches to the Lions Gate Bridge.  The authors looked at 20 different options and came to the conclusion that none of them would reduce commute times.  Well, that's how it goes.  West Vancouver and North Vancouver are among the best places to live in British Columbia, not to mention the world.  If long commutes are the price we have to pay, so be it.  But there are work-arounds.  When I was not in real estate, I used to ride my bike to work almost every day.  It was seriously the best part of my day...I really didn't like my job but I loved my commute!  These days, if I'm heading downtown on a Friday night and I am not picking up clients, I will take the bus from Park Royal.  I wouldn't say I enjoy it actually, but I do enjoy not being stuck in traffic.  I think if I had to commute by car every morning, I would go to work early, both to avoid heavier traffic and to get a head-start on my day.  I don't have all the answers but these are just a few of my thoughts around commuting and living with lineups at the Lions Gate Bridge.



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