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Decorating Tips

1. The front door should be the focus on the outside of the home.
Paint the front door a different colour so it stands out from the rest of the house.

2. Have one focal point in each room.
In the bedroom it is the headboard, in the bathroom it is the vanity and in the living room it is the view or the fireplace.

3. Hang artwork at the appropriate height.
Approximately 10 inches above a piece of furniture and in a hallway the middle of the picture should be at eye level.

4. Choose the right wall colour.
The main colour in an open-plan home should be a little darker than what would be chosen in a smaller room.

5. Display collectibles on one wall.
Putting collectibles all over the house makes it look cluttered.

6. Buy the right size area rugs.
Aim for a 12" to 16"  border of flooring around the room's perimeter.

7. Hang good drapes.
Cheap ones were o.k. in university, but not now.  Custom-made draperies will not go out of style.

8. Position furniture properly.
Move it in.   Perhaps use 1/3 of the room for a desk and 2/3 for a main seating area.

9. Limit the wood tones.
Keep the different wood tones in a room at a maximum of 3.

10. Buy quality.
Wait to buy a substantial piece of furniture that will last rather than buying cheap stuff now.





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