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Subtle Signs It May Be Time To Sell

February 5th, 2018


Sometimes the reason for putting your home on the market is crystal clear. For example, you might have a job relocation and need to move. Or, you might have decided to downsize because the kids have left the nest. 

However, there are many other motivations to list your home that are not as obvious, and yet are still good reasons to make a move. Here are just a few examples... 

  • You’re b ...

Smart Home Devices That Stop Leaks and Water Damage

January 22nd, 2018

Courtesy of Wolfpack Home Inspection, you can read the full article here.

Should You Rent Out Part Of Your Home?

January 16th, 2018

 for rent.jpg

Have you ever considered renting out a room to a student or renovating your basement into a self-contained rental apartment? 

It’s a big decision. There are many pros and cons to consider. 

On the pro side, renting can provide you with additional income. An extra few hundred dollars a month can go a long way towards paying down your mortgage or splurging on an exotic summer vacation. 

C ...

Using Neighbourhood Data To Help Sell Your Home

January 2nd, 2018
neighbourhood 2018-01-02.jpg

Your neighbourhood has a lot of features that can help sell your home faster. Unfortunately, buyers don’t usually notice those features just by driving around. So, you need to make sure they get all the information they need about your neighbourhood. 

For example, say homes don’t go on the market often in your area. That’s an indication that the quality of life in the neighbourhood is so g ...

Exiting Through A Window In An Emergency

December 28th, 2017


Hopefully, this will never happen to you. But, there are circumstances – a fire, for example – when you and your family would need to exit through a window. 

It pays to be prepared for that eventuality. 

Your first step is to determine which windows are safe to use as an exit. There should be at least one on each level. 

The windows you select will need to provide enough space for a person ...

Checklist For WOW-ING A Buyer During A Viewing

December 21st, 2017

 woman cleaning.jpg

Imagine you were selling your car, and a prospective buyer was on the way over to see it. What would you do? You would probably make your vehicle look as clean and shiny as possible, inside and out. 

The same holds true if you’re selling your home and there’s a potential buyer on the way. You want the buyer to be wow’d by your property. Here’s a handy checklist to follow: 

  • Clean every ...

West Vancouver New Listings For Houses For Sale

November 23rd, 2017

There are ten new listings for houses for sale in West Vancouver.  One is in Altamont, three are in Ambleside, one is in the British Properties, one is in Cypress, one is in Cypress Estates, one is in Dundarave, one is in Eagle Ridge and one is in Queens.

1472 Fulton Ave                   3 bedrooms        1,601 square feet                $2,250,000
5830 Falcon Rd                    4 bedroom ...

North Vancouver New Listings For Houses For Sale

November 20th, 2017

There are seventeen new listings for houses for sale in North Vancouver.  One is in Boulevard, one is in Edgemont, two are in Forest Hills, one is in Hamilton, one is in Lower Lonsdale, four are in Lynn Valley, one is in Norgate, one is in Queensbury and five are in Upper Lonsdale.

738 Lynn Valley Rd               3 bedrooms        1,787 square feet               $1,198,000
198 E 29th St      ...

Common Household Items That Can Cause A Fire

November 17th, 2017


You never want to smell smoke in your home and realize there’s a fire. That’s why it is important to be diligent about fire safety. Experts recommend that homeowners be especially careful with the following common household items: 

  • Portable heaters. Never leave one in a room unattended. Make sure paper and other combustible materials are well away from these units. 
  • Electronics cha ...

Do Open Houses Still Work?

November 2nd, 2017

open house.jpg 

Buyers are using the internet to search for properties more than ever before. In some cases, they can even go on a “virtual” tour of a home using their smartphone or desktop computer. So, you might be wondering if the old-fashioned Open House still works these days? 

The answer is yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see them advertised. If Open Houses didn’t work, no one would be doing them! 

N ...

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